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Address: West-Azarbaijan, Urmia, Artesh st. Mokhaberat sq
Mail address: Urmia, Aartesh st. Mokhaberat sq.
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About us
Company history:
West Azarbaijan Water and Wastewater Company (Private joint Stock) has been registered In accordance with Article 1 of the Law on the Establishment of Water and Wastewater Companies on 1991 at the Urmia Industrial and Industrial Registration Office and on 1992 with transference of property, municipal water and wastewater assets and facilities of twenty one city in the province, from previous companies and organizations, has begun to work.
The company has a legal personality and financial independence and is governed by the law of the formation of water and wastewater companies, the law of commerce and the articles of statute.
Theme and objectives:
Main activity of the company:
According to the statutes, development and operation of urban water distribution facilities and associated installations for the collection, transfer and treatment of wastewater are as follows:
1.Operation of facilities related to the supply and distribution of urban water after a basin such as treatment plants, pumping stations, pipelines, wells, control systems and distribution networks.
2.Operation of sewage collection and transfer networks, treatment plants and pumping stations.
3.Implementation of water distribution networks.
4.Implementation of wastewater transmission and treatment plants projects.
5.Implementation of water supply and transfer projects in accordance with note 3, article 1 of the law on the establishment of Water and Wastewater Companies.
6.Investment and participation in institutions and corporations that are relevant to the goals and tasks of the company.
7.Carry out research and educational affairs in accordance with the goals of the company and coordinate with planning of national water & wastewater engineering company.
Field of activity:
The main center of the company is in Urmia, and its field of activity is the legal area of the cities of the West Azarbaijan province. At the end of 1396, the scope of activity of the company includes 38 cities with 626468 water subscription and 360751 sewage subscription, which are managed in the form of 17 autonomous units (water and wastewater subsystem) and a sub-company (Khoy).

Shareholders of the company: Provincial Municipalities- Regional Water Company of West Azarbaijan - National water & wastewater engineering company - Satkab Investment Company

Managing Director and Chairman: Rasul Akbari
Address: Artesh Street - Mokhaberta Crossroad - Mail Box No 363- Urmia- Iran
Postal Code: 5715659681
Phone: 04433450001
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